Installing and configuring the Aventail VPN client software - most Windows clients

System requirements

These instructions will work for:

Note: These instructions will NOT work for 64-bit Vista systems. See the Windows Vista 64-bit directions instead.

Download and installation

You can download and install the VPN software either directly or through the web interface.

The Web interface will automatically prepare the client software for use at the University of Illinois.

This direct download method will allow you to take the installation file to another computer, but will not automatically prepare the client software for campus use.

To download and install directly

  1. Visit the Downloads directory.

  2. Download the software for your operating system.

  3. Double-click on the file you downloaded.

  4. After the installation completes, you will have a new icon on your desktop and in your Start menu. Launch the application.

Configuring the software for campus use

  1. In the window that asks "What is the appliance host name or IP address?", enter

  2. In the window that asks "What is the login group?", first click Refresh.

  3. After the list of login groups has been downloaded from the server, select the option that matches the connection type you want:

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. The VPN client will launch. However, during its first connection attempt, it will not allow you to enter your user name and password.

    Close the application and re-launch it from your desktop or Start menu in order to be able to enter your personal information.

Connecting to the VPN server

After you've installed the client using the instructions above, a new Aventail folder will be available in your Start menu's Programs section, and a new Aventail icon will be available on your desktop.

  1. Launch the Aventail VPN Connection item from your Start menu or desktop icon.

    Client login window

  2. In the login window that appears, use:
    User name: Your NetID
    Password: Your NetID (Kerberos) password
    (Note: Later in development, CITES may use the Active Directory password instead.)

When you are connected, a small blue and white icon will appear in your task bar.

VPN client in Windows XP taskbar

Disconnecting when finished

To disconnect from the Aventail VPN client, right-click on the blue and white Aventail icon in your taskbar and select "Disconnect" from the right-click menu.

Right click menu